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Spotlight on Melbourne

CoxGomyl’s expertise in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of facade access solutions has played an integral part in Melbourne’s continuing success.

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Maintaining buildings designed for the local climate

Modern buildings are being designed to work in harmony with the local climate to provide comfortable living and working conditions.

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New International Quarter builds on the legacy of London 2012 Olympic Games

Two 5000 Series Building Maintenance Units will service the building that is a valuable part of the entirely new neighbourhood that is emerging.

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Making a home in a super- or mega-tall skyscraper

More and more people are choosing to make their homes high in the sky, with residential space in skyscrapers becoming increasingly common.

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‘The Rollercoaster’ track – innovative access solutions for bold new architecture

Only a bespoke, custom access system would meet the complex requirements of maintaining the intricate design of this facade.

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Maintaining safety in extreme weather conditions

As a global provider of building maintenance units, we are experienced in working under a wide range of climates and weather conditions.

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