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How CoxGomyl’s world-leading team delivers building access solutions

CoxGomyl’s worldwide team are dedicated to delivering building access solutions which are reliable in meeting the demands of our clients with prompt delivery times across our economical, modular range. We are able to rely on our highly skilled and motivated team across the globe at every stage in the process, from initial concept to installation

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CoxGomyl – A proud contributor to the newly launched CTBUH Façade Access and Maintenance industry guide

The Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitats (CTBUH), launched the Façade Access and Maintenance Industry Technical Guide at the 2018 CTBUH Conference held in Dubai.

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Pioneering architects call for BMU specialists to match their innovation

The single BMU CoxGomyl delivered to meet this projects requirements features 180 degree slewing capability in both directions and a maximum reach of 33.7 metres.

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The regeneration of London’s historic Battersea Power Station

This development requires a practical building access system which is also sympathetic to the design of this historic building and the vision of the architects.

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The shifting shape of buildings to come

Among the key trends currently making waves in contemporary architecture and construction are building designs which are responsive and dynamic.

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How customised building access solutions are making cities and buildings more liveable

From breathtaking city vistas to quirky and warm human spaces, from vast commercial complexes to soaring office and residential towers, CoxGomyl are proud to be a part of making cities more liveable.

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