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Discover the benefits of the compact, cost effective 3000 Series range of Building Maintenance Units

At CoxGomyl, we recognise that well designed and precision engineered Building Maintenance Units should not be limited only to the tallest skyscrapers and the most architecturally complex constructions. Relatively low-height buildings of uniform shapes also require reliable, cost effective facade access solutions to carry out a range of vital maintenance tasks which call for a

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Delivering practical facade access solutions for unusual forms and materials

There are buildings being conceived by innovative architects and developers which draw on a wider range of less common materials, unusual forms and new approaches to high-rise facade design.

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China World Trade Centre Phase 3B cements CoxGomyl’s reputation for reliable facade access solutions

The client made CoxGomyl the natural choice of facade access solution provider for China World Trade Centre Phase 3B Tower.

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Why quality of parts is the key to BMU safety

CoxGomyl’s commitment to the highest standards of safety extends to every supplier we work with and the quality of parts which we demand in the production of every BMU we provide.

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Protecting the legacy of the 2012 Olympics at No8 East Village, London

A comprehensive and practical facade access solution was delivered to met all the client’s requirements for two rectangular towers.

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Drawing on a range of access products to achieve a complete building maintenance system

The experience and expertise to develop the most appropriate building maintenance systems which make safety requirements a priority, provide high quality equipment and parts.

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