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The shifting shape of buildings to come

Among the key trends currently making waves in contemporary architecture and construction are building designs which are responsive and dynamic.

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How customised building access solutions are making cities and buildings more liveable

From breathtaking city vistas to quirky and warm human spaces, from vast commercial complexes to soaring office and residential towers, CoxGomyl are proud to be a part of making cities more liveable.

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High-rise timber buildings and facades

A number of experts in architecture and construction are pointing towards a new trend for an age-old building material: wood.

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A total coverage solution for the Haitian Center

CoxGomyl were selected for this exciting project based on trust in the brand and its reputation as the leading provider of building access systems.

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Managing risk of falls – Australian code of practice explained

Safety is our number one core value and all CoxGomyl products come with a range of safety features which will help you remain compliant with the requirements of the Code of Practice or any other local safety regulations.

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Project focus – Eureka Tower, Melbourne

As part of CoxGomyl’s impressive portfolio of building access systems for breathtaking buildings around the globe, Eureka Tower represents a remarkable, landmark construction.

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