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Why quality of parts is the key to BMU safety

It should go without saying that safety is always be the number one priority when considering facade access solutions, and the quality of the parts employed in every building maintenance unit is a key ingredient in ensuring the safety of building residents, BMU operators and the general public. Bearing this in mind, it’s important for

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Protecting the legacy of the 2012 Olympics at No8 East Village, London

A comprehensive and practical facade access solution was delivered to met all the client’s requirements for two rectangular towers.

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Drawing on a range of access products to achieve a complete building maintenance system

The experience and expertise to develop the most appropriate building maintenance systems which make safety requirements a priority, provide high quality equipment and parts.

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The art of delivering reliable building access for a new tower at New York’s MoMA

As an emerging icon in one of the most visited parts of New York City, effective and reliable building access was a vital ingredient in ensuring the success of 53 West 53rd.

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How CoxGomyl’s world-leading team delivers building access solutions

CoxGomyl’s worldwide team are dedicated to delivering building access solutions which are reliable in meeting the demands of our clients with prompt delivery times across our economical, modular range. We are able to rely on our highly skilled and motivated team across the globe at every stage in the process, from initial concept to installation

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CoxGomyl dominate in facade access for the world’s tallest buildings

With such great civic pride and significance placed on the world’s tallest buildings, it is clear how vital an effective BMU system and practical facade access is.

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