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Serving buildings for decades at a time, facade access systems, such as building maintenance units, provide a long-term access solution for a range of architectural forms, from the simplest to the most complex. CoxGomyl’s facade access systems are chosen all over the world for their reliability and efficiency. Outside the normal wear and tear, irregular maintenance and environmental impact can have an adverse effect to each systems efficiency and reliability. Over the years a replacement may be required when the current system is beyond economical repair, or it has reached the end of its service life.

Ensuring the seamless operation of building maintenance units (BMUs) is crucial for the safety and efficiency of high-rise structures. CoxGomyl leads the industry with our comprehensive approach to BMU replacement, guaranteeing a smooth transition from outdated facade access systems to the new. CoxGomyl can arrange an end-to-end replacement solution tailored to each client’s needs with a dedicated team of project managers and technical experts.

Upon the request of a replacement facade access system, our team designates a dedicated Project Manager and Technical Representative to collaborate closely with all stakeholders. This collaborative effort, which values the input and needs of each stakeholder, ensures a thorough understanding of the client’s requirements and priorities, including building structural limitations, user input for operational efficiency enhancement, and property management expectations to minimise disruption during the replacement process.

The removal phase is executed with the utmost precision and care, utilising tailored methodologies to suit each building’s unique characteristics. Options for BMU removal include dismantling and transportation, cutting methods, and crane solutions. These methods are meticulously selected to ensure the safe and efficient removal of the existing facade access system while minimising disruption to building occupants and surroundings, providing reassurance regarding the safety of the operation.

CoxGomyl seamlessly integrates the replacement facade access system into the existing building structure following the removal process. Delivery strategies are meticulously planned, prioritising client preferences regarding cost, speed, and minimal site disruption. Modular delivery methods are utilised for smaller BMUs, eliminating street closures and minimising the risks of facade damage, while crane solutions are employed for controlled hoisting and swift delivery and assembly. Helicopter delivery options are also available for time-sensitive projects, offering rapid deployment of replacement BMUs.

CoxGomyl’s BMU replacement process epitomises efficiency, precision, and client-centricity. By seamlessly integrating technical expertise with meticulous planning, CoxGomyl ensures the uninterrupted operation and safety of high-rise structures. From the initial coordination with stakeholders to the delivery of the replacement system, CoxGomyl provides an unparalleled end-to-end solution, setting the standard for building maintenance unit replacement in the industry.

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