i Data Protection

“Our highest priority is the safety of our team, our customers and the users of our products.” We literally have the lives of our customers in our hands. With this in mind, we always place safety as our first priority. This extends not only to our finished products, but also to every procedure in our workplace.

CoxGomyl is committed to consistently raising its performance in occupational health and safety with the aim of creating and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment throughout its companies, and to achieve the objective of having a safe and injury free work place. We do this through the application of best-practice safety policies and procedures and the training of our personnel in safe methods of work and behavior. Concurrently, we actively work to eliminate hazardous practices and behaviors which could cause accidents, injuries or illness to employees, contractors, visitors and the general public.

At CoxGomyl we believe that good safety equates to good business and we are committed to providing safe places of work for all our employees and contractors.

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