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Efficient facade access solutions are vital in modern architecture, requiring meticulous planning and integration into building designs. CoxGomyl’s Building Information Modeling (BIM) object files help to enhance the planning and integration of these solutions. Our online BIM Library streamlines the planning process and enables accurate simulation and analysis. This article explores the benefits of integrating BIM object files into the planning and execution phases of facade access projects.

The Facade Access Building Information Modelling (BIM) Library offers a comprehensive repository of BIM object files, including 3D models and data-rich objects specifically tailored for facade access systems. Architects, consultants, and contractors can now access a wealth of information to aid in selecting, designing, and implementing facade access solutions. This enhances efficiency and ensures compatibility with architectural features.

The BIM Library streamlines the selection and integration of facade access systems through various tailored features. Offering BIM object files for various systems and components facilitates thorough comparison and selection. Embedded details within the 3D models, such as capacity and reach, aid in identifying optimal solutions for specific projects. Configurability enhances utility, providing customisable BIM models at no cost for CoxGomyl 1000, 3000, and 5000 Series and custom solutions. Additionally, the library saves time by offering parametric BIM object files at no cost in .rfa and .ifc file formats. At the same time, its capability for optimising and simulating access systems helps mitigate risks by identifying challenges early in the planning phase.

Most importantly, harnessing BIM technology offers numerous benefits throughout the planning and execution phases of facade access projects. Addressing maintenance needs from the outset is crucial for ensuring efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and enhancing safety. By integrating access plans into the initial design stages, buildings can achieve solutions that align with the building’s architecture and functional requirements, avoiding the limitations and extra costs of retrofitting later.

Moreover, navigating architectural challenges becomes more manageable with 3D models and embedded data, allowing architects to visualise how access systems interact with the building’s geometry and identify potential issues early on. This proactive approach enables decision-makers to select the most suitable system for their project requirements.

Additionally, considering long-term cost implications is essential. Opting for quality access solutions upfront minimises the risk of costly replacements and disruptions, ensuring optimal functionality and value for building owners. Integrating BIM object files, represents a significant advancement in facade access planning, enabling stakeholders to optimise efficiency, mitigate risks, and enhance the quality of architectural maintenance in modern buildings.

CoxGomyl’s BIM Library represents a significant advancement in the planning and integration of facade access solutions, particularly for custom requirements. By leveraging our technology, clients can optimise efficiency, minimise risks, and elevate the quality of architectural maintenance in modern buildings.

For more information on the BIM Library, contact our CoxGomyl facade access specialists.

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