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As architectural landscapes undergo transformations, marked by groundbreaking designs and unprecedented structures, the demand for custom facade access solutions has become more pronounced. CoxGomyl is blending innovation with precision engineering to provide tailored Building Maintenance Units (BMUs) in response to this evolving need. This ensures that the complex needs of modern architecture are met without compromising safety, efficiency, or aesthetic integrity.

Complex structures demand superior building maintenance, and CoxGomyl’s custom solutions are designed to meet the individual requirements of each unique building. Whether it’s mega-tall buildings, uniquely shaped structures, or facades with protrusions, slopes, recesses, or curves, CoxGomyl emerges as one of the few facade access providers worldwide capable of addressing these challenges effectively.

When developing these solutions, various factors are meticulously considered. From the design of the roof to the cleaning cycle, BMU placement options, building footprint, glass replacement strategies, and emergency retrieval plans, every aspect is considered. Our team retains the architecture’s aesthetic, discreetly providing solutions to park or store facade access systems when not in service.

Project Highlights

Journal Squared II Towers, New Jersey
The Journal Squared II towers in New Jersey posed a unique challenge with luxurious residential facilities within two buildings featuring protruding and recessed areas. CoxGomyl rose to the challenge with a custom BMU requiring two hoists, five-stage telescoping jibs, and expert programming for safety and performance.

From sequencing to programming, every facet of the custom BMU was meticulously crafted to harmonise with the architectural nuances of the Journal Squared II project. The result was a facade access solution that exceeded expectations.

Torre Caja, Madrid
The Torre Caja Madrid, Spain’s tallest building, is an architectural marvel with a distinctive archway that elegantly embraces the glass and aluminium-panelled facade. However, as Spain’s tallest building, its towering presence demanded a unique approach to facade access. Rising to the occasion, CoxGomyl designed two custom building maintenance units equipped with articulated jibs. These precision-engineered units granted complete access to the expansive archway and demonstrated their versatility through retractable and foldable features, minimising the visual impact when not in use.

The challenge of the Torre Caja project extended beyond functionality. It demanded a delicate balance between providing efficient access and preserving the aesthetic integrity of this towering landmark. CoxGomyl’s solution, with its articulated jibs that could be neatly stowed away, perfectly met this dual requirement, ensuring that the visual impact of the archway remained unobtrusive when the BMUs were not in operation.

The Nova Building, London
The Nova Building commands attention with its bold and modern facades. This iconic structure harmoniously combines residential, office, and retail spaces within a regenerated site, showcasing a sustainable balance of uses that contribute to the vibrancy of the surrounding community. Amidst its architectural grandeur, the challenge lay in providing tailored access solutions for the diverse features of the building. Buildings 5, 6, and 7 each possessed unique features, from Portland limestone cladding to prismatic geometries.

CoxGomyl deployed custom BMUs for each building to tackle this. For Building 5, facing Buckingham Palace, a tailored BMU with a 22-metre reach and 2.5-metre cradle ensured efficient upkeep. Meanwhile, Buildings 6 and 7, with their glazed and geometric features, received dedicated BMUs with telescopic luffing jibs reaching up to 39 metres.

CoxGomyl’s custom solutions ensure that The Nova Building’s unique features are well-maintained, preserving its contemporary charm in the heart of London for years to come.

CoxGomyl’s custom facade access solutions have consistently proven effective in addressing the unique challenges of various architectural structures. Our track record of success, coupled with expertise in custom facade access solutions, ensures that architectural masterpieces meet and exceed the highest standards in both functionality and aesthetic preservation.

Get in touch with the team to learn how CoxGomyl’s custom solutions can be tailored to the specific needs of your project.

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