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Safety stands as the cornerstone of any effective, reliable facade access solution. Ensuring operators feel secure and protected while performing their tasks at height is paramount. At CoxGomyl, our commitment to safety is unwavering, and this dedication is reflected in the several layers of safety features that have been integrated to safeguard personnel. We take a look at how CoxGomyl is enhancing safety for operators of facade access systems.

Cradle features
CoxGomyl has implemented a range of safety features within the cradle to ensure operator well-being. An overload detection system is integrated to maintain safe operation by ensuring the load remains within specified limits. Additionally, the tilting bar system guarantees uniform tension in all wire ropes, enhancing stability during operation.

In the unlikely event of potential collisions, a proximity sensor-based collision avoidance system halts movement before reaching restricted areas. Quick-release pins, interlocks, and additional suction cups form a restraint system, providing operators with an extra layer of protection. Moreover, a cradle levelling system ensures a stable platform, even on tall structures.

Roof car features
Safety extends to the roof car, with various features aimed at safeguarding operations. Telescopic jibs, guiding rollers, and critical components are equipped with redundancy and soft start mechanisms. This ensures the extension and retraction process is controlled and smooth, minimising sudden movements and enhancing overall stability. Additionally, an anti-collision system is integrated to halt movement in the event of unexpected obstacles.

All components are designed to be weather-resistant, providing optimal performance in any environment. Safe operation is ensured through precise positioning and limit controls for traversing, luffing, telescoping, slewing, and hoisting.

Operator features
CoxGomyl prioritises operator safety by providing various features to ensure secure working conditions. Sturdy access platforms with secure handrails and telescopic ladders ensure operators and maintenance technicians can confidently work. Moreover, the strategic placement of safety harness anchor points ensures operators can work securely while tethered. Control panels are also positioned in each cradle, with a dead-man switch and visual/audible warnings. These elements are vital safeguards, keeping operators well-informed and ready to respond swiftly to unforeseen circumstances.

In areas prone to gusty winds, CoxGomyl offers wind control systems, including interlocking capabilities, augmenting safety protocols. Collision detectors, another critical safety feature, mitigate the risk of accidents during operations. In the event of power loss, a manual descent option ensures operators can safely lower from any position. Additionally, telephones in both the cradle and roof car facilitate communication and promptly address any concerns.

Inspection and maintenance Service
CoxGomyl goes above and beyond in its commitment to safety by offering a specialised inspection and maintenance service. This service ensures that facade access systems remain in optimal condition, enhancing performance and safety.

Trained technicians conduct thorough inspections, assessing every component of the system to identify any potential issues or areas requiring attention. Regular inspections not only extend the lifespan of the equipment but also significantly reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns or safety concerns during operation.

CoxGomyl’s expert technicians are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to swiftly address the issue if any component requires maintenance or replacement. This proactive approach ensures operators’ safety and minimises downtime, allowing for uninterrupted facade maintenance operations.

CoxGomyl’s dedication to safety is evident in every facet of our facade access systems. From thoughtful design to implementing cutting-edge safety features, we are committed to providing the highest level of safety and confidence in operations. Moreover, our inspection and maintenance services serve as a continuous security measure, ensuring that systems remain in optimal condition for years.

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