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Refurbishment is crucial in extending the operational life of facade access systems. CoxGomyl’s refurbishment solutions offer a cost-effective alternative to replacing entire existing building maintenance units. They provide upgraded technical and safety features while minimising downtime. These solutions include a detailed inspection, evaluation report, and proposals to assist customers in making informed decisions.

CoxGomyl’s modernisation programmes also cater to a building’s evolving needs, offering options such as increased cradle capacity, glass handling, improved materials handling, and replacement alternatives when required. The project management team ensures a smooth execution without disrupting building operations.

Designing Facade Access Solutions to Safeguard the Building’s Architectural Integrity
CoxGomyl’s commitment to preserving the architectural aesthetic of iconic structures is evident in our innovative facade access solutions. As demonstrated in projects such as the Rockefeller Center in New York. Tasked with developing and implementing a modern facade access system for this historic building, our team meticulously addressed unique installation requirements within a tight timeframe, delivering a comprehensive solution.

The first building maintenance unit (BMU) on the eighth-floor terrace prioritised a compact design to fit within an existing garage structure during parking. The second BMU on the roof required careful planning for precise transportation through the building using existing elevators and an aluminium gantry, ensuring efficient installation.

Furthermore, CoxGomyl’s involvement in projects such as the Silver Tower in Frankfurt showcases our dedication to supporting the redevelopment and modernisation of historic structures while retaining the architecture’s aesthetic. The Silver Tower, built in 1978, underwent extensive restoration in 2009, during which CoxGomyl replaced the old facade access system with a new, modern building maintenance unit. Carefully designed to align with the client’s goal of preserving the floor-to-ceiling windows, the new system ensures the protection and longevity of the exterior facade.

Maintenance Services for Preservation
Maintenance plays a crucial role in preserving and enhancing the architectural integrity of historic buildings. CoxGomyl’s maintenance services, delivered by certified technicians, ensure fully warranted repairs and the use of genuine spare parts. This directly contributes to safeguarding the architectural integrity of these historic structures.

Key benefits of CoxGomyl’s maintenance services include the assurance of uninterrupted operation by preventing unexpected failures through timely and thorough checks. Additionally, using genuine spare parts guarantees sustained optimal performance, further contributing to the longevity of building maintenance systems. In essence, CoxGomyl’s maintenance services are a reliable safeguard for the continued preservation of our architectural heritage.

Historic buildings demand specialised care, and CoxGomyl has an impressive portfolio of facade access systems tailored to maintain the facades of heritage structures. Our refurbishment services and commitment to maintenance ensure that iconic structures retain their integrity for generations to come.

Get in touch with the CoxGomyl team to discuss how our facade access solutions can be engineered to meet your project needs.

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