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Building maintenance units (BMUs) ensure safe and efficient access to building facades for maintenance and cleaning purposes. Over time, these units, like any mechanical system, may experience wear and tear from frequent use or may no longer meet the evolving needs of a building. CoxGomyl leverage our expertise and unwavering commitment to delivering quality facade access systems and excel in enhancing the performance of these systems through our replacement solutions.

This article takes a look at the benefits of replacing ageing facade access systems for a building’s maintenance needs.

Prolonged Lifespan and Compliance with Regulations
A well-maintained BMU can serve a building for an average of 25 years. However, as the demands on a building change or local regulations evolve, an existing ageing building maintenance unit may need to be replaced. Replacement BMUs are designed to align with the specific facade access needs of a building, ensuring compliance with the latest building codes and safety standards. This extends the facade access system’s lifespan and safeguards the well-being of maintenance personnel and the integrity of the building itself.

Enhanced Safety Features
Safety is paramount in any facade access system. Modern replacement BMUs have upgraded safety features to meet or exceed local and industry safety regulations. These advancements provide an extra layer of protection for both operators and the surrounding environment, ensuring peace of mind for building owners and managers.

Improved Efficiency and Uptime
Efficiency is paramount in maintaining the integrity and functionality of any facade access system. Through strategic replacement, CoxGomyl ensures that buildings benefit from a high-quality BMU designed with precision to optimise performance. This translates to significantly reduced downtime for maintenance and cleaning tasks, resulting in substantial cost savings over the system’s extended lifespan.

Refurbishments: Extending Operational Life and Enhancing Safety
Refurbishment emerges as a practical and cost-effective alternative when replacing facade access systems may not be feasible. Refurbishment solutions offer a strategic approach to extend the operational life of facade access systems while ensuring compliance with modern safety standards.

Maintenance staff can benefit from upgraded technical features and enhanced performance by undertaking a partial or complete overhaul of a building maintenance system’s structural, mechanical, hydraulic, and safety systems. This proactive measure minimises downtime and optimises productivity, providing a cost-effective alternative to a total replacement.

With CoxGomyl’s expertise and commitment to quality, building owners and managers can rely on our refurbishment solutions. The refurbishment begins with thoroughly inspecting and evaluating the existing equipment. This assessment forms the basis for detailed proposals, empowering our technicians to make informed decisions regarding the refurbishment or upgrade.

All refurbishments are executed by highly skilled technicians, utilising original OEM components to ensure quality and longevity.

The benefits of replacing or refurbishing ageing facade access systems are numerous and can significantly enhance the safety and efficiency of building maintenance. With CoxGomyl’s expertise and dedication to quality, the decision to replace or refurbish ageing systems becomes a smart investment in the long-term well-being of the building.

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