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As global specialists in vertical access solutions, Alimak Service is uniquely positioned to provide preventative maintenance that meets CoxGomyl’s manufacturing specifications. Timely and thorough preventative maintenance and replacement of worn parts minimizes the likelihood of unexpected component failure and avoids unplanned downtime and disruption.

In the unfortunate event of component failure or damage, Alimak service can quickly respond and carry out unscheduled repairs on CoxGomyl equipment minimising downtime.

Key benefits of maintenance services delivered by Alimak Service

  • Alimak Service has direct access to CoxGomyl’s drawings and technical support
  • Fully warranted maintenance and repairs following CoxGomyl’s equipment guidelines
  • Work is carried out by highly skilled, certified technicians who are trained and certified in working at height
  • Where replacement parts are required, genuine CoxGomyl spare parts are used
  • Service is carried out per the CoxGomyl manufacturing specification and schedule, ensuring warranties are maintained
  • Minimised downtime with prompt service delivery

Genuine Spare Parts

Alimak Service offer genuine spare parts for CoxGomyl products to ensure systems run at optimal performance and efficiency long into the future.

Genuine spare parts are used to keep equipment running at peak performance, by reducing downtime and the costs of ownership. Alimak Service have invested in building a global replacement parts distribution network, that guarantees components and spare parts are delivered when needed.

For more information visit www.alimakservice.com

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