i Data Protection

In the complex world of construction projects, there are many elements that can influence budgets and schedules. To relieve the stresses of time pressure and design compromises, our expert project management team work with you from the beginning, to implement best-practice access solutions that keep complexity and cost to a minimum.

By working with our local project managers and partners, you can be sure that your Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) implementation project will run smoothly and quickly through the one supplier, freeing you up to focus on the bigger picture.

As a building maintenance unit specialist with over 50 years of experience, teamed with our position as the industry’s leading manufacturer of BMUs, means we have a deep understanding of the required machinery care. With thousands of building maintenance systems installed across 50 countries, we know that every site and machine require a unique plan due to their individual characteristics and local conditions.

CoxGomyl can tailor a building maintenance unit service plan, repair or modernisation program to ensure your cradle is working at its full potential.

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