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Zhuhai Center Tower, also known officially as Zhuhai St. Regis Hotel & Office Tower, sits on a prime coastal site and represents a central element of the Zhuhai Shizimen Central Business District. A number of specific factors made a practical and effective facade access solution from industry leaders CoxGomyl a particularly important factor in the success of the development as a whole.

The mixed use tower is home to luxury five star hotel facilities, starting at floor 37 and stretching up to the highest occupied levels. The lower floors are dedicated to grade A office space, the highest standard available anywhere in the city. Among a host of other features it boasts the attraction of panoramic views stretching across 270 degrees, making a practical and effective facade access solution from CoxGomyl’s expert team a particularly important factor. The architectural vision for Zhuhai Center Tower is also remarkable with a uniquely sculptural form inspired by the natural local environment and its rock formations. The overall form of the building is defined by an isosceles triangle shape thoughtfully rotated through various angles. At the level of the facade itself the all-glass curtain wall is complemented by irregular polyhedral surfaces which create a beguiling shimmering effect as they interact with the natural light.

The sophisticated building access solution developed by CoxGomyl for this project is made up of three Building Maintenance Units; two located at 322 metres and one higher up the tower at 325 metres. The first two matching BMUs travel on a curved track with an additional branch section for unobtrusive parking. The third BMU features a multistage telescopic jib for an impressive outreach of 33.6 metres which provides extensive coverage for cleaning and glass replacement tasks from a fixed central position. A particular challenge presented by this project was the irregular facade surfaces. All three BMUs across the complete facade access system feature a special softrope lanyard restraint system to ensure safety while navigating the complex forms
of the facade.

The professionalism of this facade access solution and the highest levels of quality across our entire range of building maintenance systems made CoxGomyl the natural choice for this project.

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