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Presenting bold and modern facades, The Nova Building in London offers a sustainable balance of uses, including residences, offices and retail outlets, along with a community space and library. The creation of a series of buildings in this development was designed by three leading architectural practices.

Complementing the continuing construction of Transport for London’s proposals for the Victoria Station Upgrade, this regenerated site, north of Victoria Station, provides pedestrian routes and public spaces, which include retail pavilions, cafés, restaurants, public art, trees and seating allowing the opportunity to host special events.

To preserve the aesthetic of the project, CoxGomyl were called upon to provide access solutions to 3 building facades constructed with various architectural features and materials.

Building 5

Overlooking the gardens of Buckingham Palace, The Nova Building 5 comprises 170 private residences over 13 storeys. It’s facade features Portland limestone cladding and architectural precast concrete elements. Two bespoke Building Maintenance Units (BMUs) were engineered to service the facade, providing reaches of 22 metres and 4 metres, with a dedicated 2.5m cradle and 600kg capacity.

Buildings 6 and 7

The unique facades of these two buildings are a set of glazed elements based on prismatic geometries. Features include a three-story diamond motif and curtain walls with external metal fins of various widths. The fins are designed to shade the facades and visually enhance the architecture. The facade designs utilise technologies to achieve targeted levels of carbon emission reductions for maximum energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Each building required a unique facade access solution that utilises two BMUs for each building. The building access solutions provide 5 stage telescopic luffing delivering up to 39 metres reach and dedicated 3 metre cradle with capacity of 600kg.

Coxgomyl provided an end to end customised facade access solution including design, supply and installation to ensure this new landmark in London maintains its pristine condition for many years to come.

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