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Facade Access Solution for one of Dubai’s premier hotels 

The SLS Hotel is the 12th tallest building in Dubai and the 95th tallest in the world. A key landmark that sits northeast of the Design District and south of the Yansoon District, the project was completed in 2020, just two years after its initial commencement. This property, designed by Aedas, is one of Dubai’s premier hotels; thus, retaining a beautiful facade is necessary for attracting and retaining the hotel’s customers. 

CoxGomyl was approached to provide a comprehensive facade access solution to clean, maintain and install glass panels throughout the entire building, particularly whilst the building was being constructed to facilitate complex facade works. 

Through our engineering expertise, the CoxGomyl team provided support that dealt with the complexities of the building’s projected glass balconies and varying recesses. The facade access solution consisted of a CoxGomyl 5000 series building maintenance unit with a 3-stage telescopic jib and a telescopic cradle with a bi-directional movement capability of 3.2 metres running on twin tracks, utilising a soft rope system. This was combined with a soffit-mounted monorail system and a series of davits located on the hotel’s lower levels to provide a solution that ensured the hotel’s maintenance teams had complete access to the facade and to do so in a safe manner. 

The challenge experienced throughout this project was the incredibly tight time constraints due to the anticipation of the hotel opening. As the client was interested in using the facade access equipment during the construction of the building itself, a swift turnaround was necessary. In response to these constraints, the sales and project management team worked closely with our production facility, ensuring delivery by the required date. 

CoxGomyl’s prior experience and positive relationship with the construction company were one of the primary reasons for our involvement in the project. Productively responding to tight time constraints ensured the customer was satisfied. 

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