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When this impressive building was completed in 2008, the Shanghai World Financial Center was the tallest skyscraper in China and also boasted with the world’s tallest observation deck at 474 metres. The 492 metres structure has a distinctive aperture at the top, and rounded edges along the glass facade.

The access solution involved the supply of 20 separate BMU systems that were capable of providing access to 100% of the envelope, whilst also being concealed from sight in parked position by retracting within the building itself.

A variety of jib designs were used including fixed length jibs and multistage knuckle jibs, which offer the functionality of launching the cradle out from the limited space provided by narrow openings and then reaching around corners and navigated the cradle to safely reach otherwise inaccessible areas of the building’s facade. In addition to the BMUs, a custom made gantry provides convenient access for an important viewing area – the glass-clad observation bridge located at level 97.

Our portfolio leverages our wealth of experience and expertise in designing building access solutions.

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