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Access to the external facades on the Reflections Project was complicated by the existence of the complex crown structure fixed to the top of each tower. The solution provided by CoxGomyl involved a single BMU located in a fixed position on each tower that rises out of a compact parking pit using a 3 stage telescopic pedestal arrangement.

Once out of the pit, a two stage telescopic jib with a 21m reach is able to maneuver through the crown structure to position the cradle in any of the required positions. When not in use, the machine is able to rotate, compress and lower into a space.

For access to the sky bridges running between the towers and the tower facades below the sky bridges, CoxGomyl provided a series of monorail systems with self powered cradles. The tower crown structures are accessed from an array of abseiling anchor points and a series of safety line systems allow safe access to the rooves of the tower level villas.

Our portfolio leverages our wealth of experience and expertise in designing building access solutions.

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