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With a wide range of high-quality and flexible facade access systems available, CoxGomyl are ideally placed to provide the most appropriate and most cost-effective solution for an array of building access needs and requirements.

The Queens Hill Shopping Centre in Hong Kong by architects Wong & Ouyang (HK) includes the key feature of a large skylight with inclined glass surfaces. A practical access system was therefore paramount in ensuring this important feature could be regularly cleaned and maintained on both interior and exterior surfaces.

The ideal solution developed by CoxGomyl is a comprehensive system of 10 traversing gantries; five for access to the outside and five inside the building for the underside of the skylight. All gantries travel on aluminium tracks and are directly controlled by the operator to precisely follow the sloping form of the glass. The system provides full coverage with four gantries spanning 8.1 metres, one of 5.8 metres on the external side, while on the interior side, four gantries span 6.9 metres and the other is 4.4 metres. This type of gantry system often represents the most suitable and safest access solution for relatively low-rise constructions featuring skylights or atriums.

An additional challenge in this project was the tight schedule for fabrication and delivery of the complete facade access system. Through effective communication and collaboration throughout the project management process, the production facility were able to deliver a month earlier in the usual fabrication timeframe and also kept production running as normal under Covid-19 restrictions. Fabrication was completed beyond even these high expectations to meet and exceed the client’s requirements.

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