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The Mita Centre is located in the Kwai Tsing District of Hong Kong. Constructed in 1983, the 18-storey commercial office building recently reached out to CoxGomyl for a replacement building maintenance unit.

With the original unit located at the extend slabbed platform at the roof level, the largest challenge for the CoxGomyl design engineering team was utilising the existing track system despite its negative characteristics including varying gauge from 1080mm to 1350mm and sharp track bend. As such, the new track was required to follow the old track system.

As a result, CoxGomyl delivered a simple, budget-oriented solution for existing facade cleaning utilising a 5000 Series BMU with a double jib. Able to achieve an outreach of 1.5 metres, this solution was ideal for the building of moderate complexity. Throughout installation, the project management team were required to arrange a temporary traffic arrangement and organise work at night to hoist the BMU to the roof.

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