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CoxGomyl Installs an Advanced Facade Access Solution at Lucent W1, London

CoxGomyl is proud to have been commissioned to provide a custom Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) for Lucent W1 at one Sherwood Street, London. This project showcases our commitment to providing tailored facade access solutions that seamlessly integrate with the building’s architecture, ensuring functionality and aesthetic preservation.

Lucent W1, designed by Fletcher Priest Architects, is a distinguished landmark near Piccadilly Lights. To maintain its architectural integrity, the building required a facade access solution that balanced functionality with unobtrusiveness.

Client Requirements
The primary challenge was to install a low-parked BMU that would not detract from the building’s visual appeal, given its location behind Piccadilly Circus. Visibility was a concern; therefore, the BMU needed to be out of site when not in use. After careful consideration, our team selected the 5000 series Flexible (F) type BMU with a luffing jib and counterweight as the ideal solution for Lucent W1.

Technical Implementation
The 5000 Series BMU boasts a 32-metre reach with a telescopic and luffing jib. When parked, a luffing counterweight maintains the unit’s low profile. This design ensures that the BMU is discreet yet highly functional, efficiently maintaining all exterior facets of Lucent W1.

The Lucent W1 installation site posed logistical hurdles amidst a bustling locale with limited space. Our team’s innovative engineering solutions tackled these challenges. Modifying the BMU design reduced wheel loads, extended parking length by 1.0 metres, and achieved a 5-ton counterweight reduction, optimising load distribution. Implementing designated working positions enhanced safety and longevity by minimising structural loads during BMU traversal.

Digital Integration
Our approach included advanced Building Information Modelling (BIM) coordination. We provided a 3D BMU and track system model at the approval stage, allowing integration with the client’s federated BIM model. This process facilitated precise planning, ensuring all components fit seamlessly within the building’s structure.

CoxGomyl was chosen for this project based on our strong reputation in delivering high-quality, custom facade access solutions worldwide. Our ability to meet the stringent requirements of a challenging urban environment while ensuring the BMU’s invisibility when not in use sets us apart from the competition.

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