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The Leatop Plaza features a simple, elegant and transparent facade and the client requested the facade access solution to match the building design. The BMU needed to be parked within the mechanical floor inside the sloped roof on top of this 300m tower.

A trackless BMU has been designed for this project and installed at a dedicated position to service the entire building. The 5-stage telescopic jib has an ability to luff and slew, its maximum outreach is 32.4m. Besides, the system was fitted with 4.6m wide cradle to maximize the facade coverage of every drop. A 2-stage telescopic pedestal was included in the project to launch the BMU from its hidden parking pit for facade cleaning and general maintenance works.

Additionally, the machine is fitted with a material handling hoist for glass replacement.

The most complicated issue of the project was to design a single unit large enough to service the entire building, which involved a precise calculation to coordinate with the inclined roof and facade design.

Our portfolio leverages our wealth of experience and expertise in designing building access solutions.


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