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The Journal Squared II residential apartment towers are located on Pavonia Avenue, Jersey City, NJ. The buildings boast luxurious residential living ranging from studio apartments to three bedrooms. The site comprises two towers with an impressive list of amenities, including a sprawling 1400 square foot rooftop lap pool, sky lounges, wellness centre and outdoor lounge areas, to name a few. 

The main 225m tall tower contains various protruding and recessed areas measuring 4.3m deep, which presented a challenge for developing a facade access solution as a single building maintenance unit cannot reach all of the building’s facade areas. 

A custom CoxGomyl 7000 series fixed position, building maintenance unit was used for this installation and required two main hoists to work together to suspend the cradle to reach the recessed areas. The regular cradle is used for the straight drops with protruding elements of the building, such as the terraces, and the approaching cradle is used for straight-drops with recessed areas, with the maximum recessed area a challenging 14ft deep. 

The approaching cradle is designed with three layers, with the top and lower layers each moving in opposing directions to act as a counterweight. The motivation for this movement is to allow the BMU cradle to work efficiently and balance safely. 

The BMU has five-stage telescoping jibs. The jibs include two telescoping hydraulic cylinders; the first cylinder pushes jibs two and three, with the second cylinder proportionally pushing jibs four and five, allowing them to work in harmony. 

Sequencing and programming also presented a unique challenge, particularly the programming that synchronised the hoists and resulted in a unique solution to ensure safety, levelling and maintaining a smooth operation. 

The CoxGomyl 7000 series range consists of custom facade access solutions that are utilised on some of the most architecturally complex buildings and structures worldwide. These unique solutions are conceived and tailored to the specific design aesthetic, technical parameters and the practical access requirements for the upkeep and maintenance of the building. The complex nature of these custom facade access systems allows CoxGomyl to provide a solution that would be deemed unworkable by a standard BMU alone. 

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