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As the tallest building in Hong Kong, the International Commerce Centre is an icon, not only for its scale, but also for its iconic ‘dragon tail’ feature at the base of the north face, walls peel away at the base, creating canopies on three sides.

CoxGomyl designed ten BMUs to provide integrated access solutions to both the building facades and the specially designed ‘dragon tail’. Four BMUs were installed on the rooftop to service the orthogonal facades from the top to the ground level. Each unit included telescopic pedestals, allowing full retraction from view when not in use. One additional BMU was installed on the rooftop to service the corners of the hotel floors from the roof to M3-1 level at 306.29m, which require more frequent cleaning. Another four BMUs, named “corner machines” were installed at the M3-1 level to service the corners from 306.29m down to the ground.

A telescoping gantry was designed to service the ceiling inside the ‘dragon tail’. When not in use, the gantry retracts into a garage and is completely hidden from view.

Our portfolio leverages our wealth of experience and expertise in designing building access solutions.

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