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At 35 storeys and 165 metres in height, the Indeed Tower will become one of the tallest buildings in downtown Austin. Its bold architectural design by Page Southerland features a full glass facade with sloping surfaces and a distinctive crown feature. This combination of size and form will ensure the building becomes an iconic landmark in the city skyline. CoxGomyl’s experience and expertise as a leading name in facade access solutions saw the team entrusted with delivering a practical and cost-effective building access system which would not interfere with the carefully considered aesthetic.

A single building maintenance unit (BMU) draws on the strength and depth of the CoxGomyl product range and the problem-solving ability of the design team to provide a highly adaptable BMU capable of meeting the varied challenges presented by this project. All without sacrificing any of the functionality required for appropriate access coverage. The machine travels on a track to provide service to every elevation.

A twin-section telescopic mast is capable of reaching up to 18 metres while in operation whilst achieving a remarkably compact profile in parked position, hidden from sight by a tapered parapet when not in use. In addition to the telescopic mast, the BMU also features a four-stage telescopic jib capable of delivering an outreach of 31.3 meters. The superior adaptability of the design allows for comprehensive access to all areas of the facade, including the positively sloping surface and balcony transfer on the south-facing elevation.

Further technical challenges were also presented by the weight restrictions of the tower cranes which would be used to lift the BMU into place at roof level during installation. These challenges were foreseen and solved at the consultation stage, with the telescopic jib arm being split into two separate assemblies in order to remain within the lifting capacity of the cranes already on site, all to time and on schedule.

As always, CoxGomyl takes pride in delivering a highly practical facade access solution which overcomes every technical challenge to meet and exceed expectations, ensuring the exterior of this new Austin landmark is protected for years to come.

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