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Guangfa Securities Headquarters reaches a super tall 308 metres over the Zhujiang New Town district of Guangzhou in China and serves as an outstanding landmark for the neighbourhood’s new financial campus. Beyond the scale of the building, the design of the facade also defines its distinctive character, with a single system that is modulated to articulate distinct functional zones while also providing a sense of unity across the whole structure. Custom facade mullions taper vertically outward from 40 to 80mm, bringing a subtlety to the aesthetic and allowing more natural light into the interior.

The owners and managers of this important building faced a major problem with the original building maintenance system, installed by a competitor of CoxGomyl, which had not been performing to the required standard since completion in 2018. Not only did the functional shortcomings of the original Building Maintenance Unit jeopardise necessary cleaning and maintenance work, but presented potential safety issues, while the design and finish of the BMU itself also interfered with the carefully considered aesthetic of the structure. All of which put the continued success of the building at risk. CoxGomyl was therefore invited to develop a replacement facade access system which would overcome these issues and safeguard the viability of the building for many years to come.

The expert CoxGomyl team designed and manufactured a Building Maintenance Unit to meet the challenges presented by working on an already completed and occupied building. The BMU is located in a fixed position from where a three-stage telescopic jib provides an outreach of up to 30.7 metres. A two-stage telescopic mast offers the additional manoeuvrability and flexibility which is needed to effectively navigate the complex facade geography whilst allowing the BMU to remain visually discreet. Installation of a facade access system on a completed building often presents the challenge of lifting the BMU into position without the use of construction cranes. In this instance, CoxGomyl were able to provide a full-service solution including installation of a roofing crane, removal of the old access system, hoisting of the replacement BMU and removal of the crane after completion.

CoxGomyl’s strong reputation as a leading facade access solution provider offered significant peace of mind in the ability to deliver a high-quality replacement BMU to meet the specific requirements of this project.

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