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CITIC Tower, also known as China Zun, is set to become a central focal point of the Beijing cityscape due to its staggering scale and breath-taking architectural form. Both of these factors, in addition to the key requirement of minimising the visual impact of the building maintenance system on the building’s design aesthetic, called for the experience and expertise of CoxGomyl as a leading facade access solution provider.

Stretching up 528 metres and 109 floors, the supertall CITIC Tower dominates the skyline as the tallest building in Beijing by far. In addition, the dramatic architectural form also contributes significantly to its landmark status. Its gently curving design creates an unusual concave form as the tower tapers smoothly inwards from the base and elegantly curves back out towards roof level. Architecturally, the shape of the building is inspired by the ‘zun’, a ceremonial vessel traditional in Chinese culture. Structurally, the tower is braced by large corner supports at ground level.

CoxGomyl proved their ability to deliver a safe and user-friendly facade access solution capable of navigating the challenging architectural form while also satisfying the client’s requirement avoid any negative visual impact on this all-important flagship building. Five Building Maintenance Units are located at roof level and provide reliable access to all the main facade surfaces down to level four with telescopic jibs delivering the manoeuvrability to safely reach every part of the softly curving facade. A further four BMUs are located on level 73, specifically designed to service the corner sections of this complex building with the superior flexibility of double knuckle jibs. All nine BMUs are effectively hidden from view when not in use in order to preserve the effect of the tower’s arresting architectural vision.

CoxGomyl were able to provide the client with significant peace of mind based on a long history of successfully deployed facade access solutions and specific references for all of the systems utilised in this project.

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