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The carefully considered design of this new 15-storey office building by architects, TP Bennet required the expertise of CoxGomyl to develop an equally well thought out and executed facade access solution. Among a number of key factors, the building access system would need to provide practical and reliable access to varied facade surfaces for the exterior and interior of the building.

The building design is conceptually based on a Foster scheme with additional refinement and intelligent use of space which provides 250,000 square feet of flexible floor space within a 45 metre square site. One of the most important features is a central atrium structure which playfully weaves and spirals through the building itself. Not only does this enhance the aesthetic appeal and allow for natural light to flow into all areas, it also underpins the active experience of the building from the entrance foyer. The development also features the attraction of six landscaped terrace areas located at various levels. The client required a comprehensive building access solution for complete coverage of external and internal surfaces while overcoming a series of challenging practical limitations.

The solution that CoxGomyl provided is primarily based around a multi-stage telescoping Building Maintenance Unit which delivers an outreach of 41 metres from a fixed position on the level 15 roof area. This involved delivering a high functionality BMU that would fit within a designated parking area necessarily limited by ducts, plant equipment and other immovable roof features. A soft rope system was also required to allow the cradle to navigate the multiple terrace areas and ensure complete coverage. In addition, a travelling beam gantry is located at level 14 of the atrium feature with a power winch cradle also providing access to its interior surface areas.

CoxGomyl was the preferred choice for this project due to a strong reputation as a leading provider of facade access solutions in addition to an attractive proposal with complete facade coverage built around a single roof based BMU.

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