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CoxGomyl provides compact 5000 series building maintenance unit for facade access.

Queen’s Road Central is a major thoroughfare in Hong Kong, stretching 4.8 kms long and is home to numerous commercial buildings, including various retail outlets and offices.

The 23-storey building at 36 Queens Road Central was designed by architects Kwan & Associates Architects. The current property management office called upon CoxGomyl to manufacture and install a facade access system that could be used to make necessary upgrades to the building’s facade.

The CoxGomyl team designed a custom 5000 series compact building maintenance unit with a double-knuckle jib to be used to maintain the facade of the building for window cleaning and future glass replacement.

CoxGomyl’s 5000 Series building maintenance units are designed for use on buildings of moderate complexity, so the range was the ideal choice for the Queens Rd Central building.

The project did present a few challenges along the way, which needed to be overcome. The compact layout of Queen’s Road Central and the building’s proximity to nearby structures made it very difficult to design a system that could accommodate non-standard track bends whilst still meeting all the project’s requirements. What’s more, the building is 30 years old, so its original design had been impacted over time by wear and tear.

To overcome these issues, CoxGomyl’s designers made use of a 3D design technology to simulate the construction of the building and determine the most optimal method to install the fully operational building maintenance unit safely. These detailed design calculations were provided to the local sales office and maintenance team.

CoxGomyl was proud to rise to the challenge and tailored one of the first compact 5000 series building maintenance units of its kind.

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