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In many different ways, this inviting new office building at 245 Hammersmith Road in London is built around its carefully considered facade design. A reimagining of the modern workspace, 245 Hammersmith Road offers 242,000 sq ft of collaborative space designed and developed to connect and inspire anyone who walks through its doors.

Dubbed as the new beating heart of Hammersmith, this structure consists of a cutting-edge office building, three retail units, an urban park, and a public plaza. A range of landscaped roof terraces with views of London invite residents and visitors to relax, while large architectural windows within the workspace maximise the amount of natural light available for increased productivity. Therefore, CoxGomyl’s experience and expertise as a leading provider of facade access solutions worldwide was particularly important in ensuring the continued success of the building in comfortably occupying guests and employees.

Architects Sheppard Robson developed an external envelope, defined by the angled anodised aluminium panels surrounding the windows. Not only does this express an arresting aesthetic but it also minimises the unwanted build-up of heat within the building from solar gain or a localised greenhouse effect. These angled facade panels are customised to function in harmony with the conditions on each of the various building surfaces and create a dynamic series of elevations which respond to the changing weather throughout the day. A facade access solution which could deliver comprehensive coverage was therefore a paramount concern.

In order to access and maintain this building’s façade, CoxGomyl developed a system of two building maintenance units which was capable of overcoming a number of technical challenges. One building maintenance unit travelling on twin tracks is located at roof level with a two stage telescoping jib providing an outreach of 14.5 metres and the additional functionality of luffing and slewing. A second building maintenance unit is located within a very small designated garage space at level 10.

In spite of the space limitations, CoxGomyl’s design and engineering team were able to develop a compact solution which provides an even greater outreach of 16.1 metres with a two-stage telescoping, luffing and slewing jib. The unique variations across the facade surface also presented a challenge in the shape of various recessed windows. This required CoxGomyl’s experience and expertise to meticulously calculate the positioning of restraint sockets for both building maintenance units to ensure safe and practical access to all facade sections.

From project design to maintenance, CoxGomyl’s range of building maintenance systems and services have been developed for efficiency and are renowned worldwide. Get in contact for more information.

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