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CoxGomyl provides industry-leading product and customer support services to the owners and users of CoxGomyl products and vertical access equipment worldwide.

The team’s expertise in maintaining vertical access equipment ensures that CoxGomyl are the first choice for regular preventative maintenance. As specialists in the structural, electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic systems of CoxGomyl equipment, customers can rest assured that all products will achieve optimal working conditions throughout their entire operating lifespan.

In fact, the benefits of implementing a preventative maintenance schedule are copious.


Longer product lifespan

The predominant factor many product owners put in place a preventative maintenance plan for is to extend its operational lifespan. CoxGomyl use only genuine spare parts and follow OEM specifications when carrying out maintenance operations. It is a simple fact that any item well cared for overtime will remain in working condition for longer. You wouldn’t miss a car service, and the same should be said for the maintenance of vertical access equipment.


Reduced risk of breakdowns

Equipment left to operate without routine service is at risk of experiencing potential operational issues, regardless of how well the original engineering and construction if the equipment may be. Environmental exposure, user error or mere wear and tear from sustained use can cause unplanned breakdowns that cost a business time and money. This productivity loss can be minimised by scheduling preventative maintenance at a more suitable time.


Enhanced safety

The operation of vertical and facade access equipment often occurs at heights. This act poses a significant risk of injury or fatality in the event of a breakdown or malfunction. While all Alimak Group products are designed with abundant safety features and fail-safes to avoid such a situation, preventative maintenance ensures that these features and the equipment operate with minimised risks.


Cost efficiency

While preventative maintenance is a sustained cost, avoiding expensive emergency repairs and downtime is a key benefit. In the long term, this results in a minimised operational cost over the lifespan of the equipment, with the added benefit of expert advice well in advance when the time does come for a refurbishment or replacement. Moreover, CoxGomyl offers payment agreements that best suit the client, from pay-as-you-go to planned service contracts.

Learn more about the range of service solutions from CoxGomyl, or reach out to the team to discuss how implementing a preventative maintenance schedule could further benefit your equipment.



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