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It is vital to factor in facade access when beginning the architectural design.

As global leaders in the facade access industry, CoxGomyl are constantly being approached to design and manufacturer facade access solutions for complex architectural developments.

As building designs and facades become more diverse and creative, one of the key considerations should be bringing in an experienced Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) provider at the beginning of a project. This is important to ensure that the BMU works optimally within the needs of the building’s design, allowing as much foresight as possible for any issues that could arise. For example, how the BMU connects to the building. If mullion guides are part of the solution then these need to be considered in conjunction with the design of the façade itself. In bringing in a BMU provider or consultant early it can be shown to save a building owner considerably as opposed to thinking about building access as an after thought.

Selecting an experienced and proven provider not the lowest offer

If not more important is choosing a high-quality customised solution that is designed, manufactured and installed by an experienced provider responsible for the delivery of the complete end to end solution from design, manufacturing, delivery and installation. This ensures full accountability for both quality and function. Using an end to end supplier like CoxGomyl also means they can look after the system maintenance, ensuring high availability, genuine parts and overall uptime.

As CoxGomyl are rapidly experiencing, selections made on price alone can leave building owners with inferior solutions which simply don’t perform as required. This is being demonstrated in the rise of replacement BMU systems needing to be produced, which ultimately costs the building owner larger financial sums in the long term. Cheap upfront prices from second rate suppliers, often means early replacement. System replacement is often triggered because the system won’t access all of the building or replacement due to poor system safety or replacement due to breakdowns and fatigue.

The risk of inferior solutions has substantial long term financial implications. If windows can’t be cleaned and glass panels replaced efficiently this could mean loss of lease and rental income to the building owners for not meeting maintenance obligations to tenants. Tenants want lifts that work, air-conditioning that works and clean windows. In high rise they are paying for the view.

A Practical Investment

Engaging in the expertise of an end-to-end facade access provider experienced in design, manufacturing and installing complete solutions as early as possible can literally save building owners millions in the long run. Although the bulk of a development budget can be tied up in the design and construction of a project, installing an ill fitting Building Maintenance Unit or basing the decision on price rather than need, can result in safety issues, difficult usability and a system that may not be able to effectively perform the required maintenance tasks.

With over 50 years in the industry, CoxGomyl has the experience, knowledge and resources to stay at the forefront of the industry. The European manufacturing facilities deliver high quality custom BMU Systems designed specifically for each project, and in the majority of cases the Group installs each solution themselves through our local sales companies making CoxGomyl one of the few full solution facade access providers in the world.

Discover CoxGomyl’s custom solutions here.

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