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CoxGomyl is a leading global provider of premium facade access solutions. As an industry leader with over 60 years of experience, CoxGomyl provides the broadest range of configurable building maintenance units (BMU’s) built on innovative, proven technologies. A key benefit when choosing CoxGomyl is the full-solution approach to providing building maintenance solutions, covering design, manufacturing, delivery, installation and service support.

A significant first consideration in this approach is the industry-leading visualisation services. Careful and precise planning and calculations are a crucial success factor in the implementation of facade access systems, and visualisation is essential in overcoming any architectural or structural challenges.

CoxGomyl’s expert team of engineers is best positioned to determine which of the available facade access systems will most address the individual building’s needs. This initial design and development phase utilises state-of-the-art technology, including computer-controlled design programs such as Computer-Aided Design (CAD). This 3D design software then enables visual integration of designs and concepts into the Building Interface Model (BIM). These visualisations are then provided to owners and operators for peace of mind on the suitability of the facade access solution for the unique requirements of the building.

In contrast to the provision of technical plans and drawings, visualisation models can assist in showing the details in depth to project stakeholders. Visualisation software can be used to demonstrate how a building maintenance unit will operate, including how it will achieve its intended functions through the explicit representation of outreach, machine movement, and navigation. As a result, concerns around the negative visual impact on the building’s appearance are thoroughly overcome and explained.

Beyond the obvious benefit of providing a visual representation of the project, the process is essential in identifying potential complications well before the manufacturing stage. This ensures that integration issues are addressed early to avoid the stress, expense, and delays involved in rethinking the design of the facade access solution later in the process.

Visualisation is an essential consideration of the complete engineering process in delivering facade access systems that meet the requirements presented by any building. Advanced visualisation techniques ensure CoxGomyl provides the best possible access solution.

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