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Discover how a carefully curated range of standard parts, features and options can be combined to achieve highly versatile facade access solutions to meet a wide range of building access needs while also remaining a cost effective choice.

How clever combinations of access products and options can achieve comprehensive coverage

CoxGomyl specialises in providing a core range of high-quality, reliable and cost effective Building Maintenance Units and associated building access equipment. This allows our customers to satisfy all of their building access requirements for cleaning and maintenance tasks in the most economical way possible and, in addition, allows us to provide the benefit of delivery in 12 weeks or less.

That is not to say, however, that CoxGomyl BMUs are only capable of meeting the access needs of low complexity buildings, working at lower heights and navigating uniform building shapes. In fact, our carefully considered product range has been thoughtfully curated to deliver flexible facade access solutions suitable for a wide range of applications. By drawing on the experience and expertise of the CoxGomyl team, we are often able to exceed client expectations by utilising standardised BMUs and access equipment, configured in combination and intelligently deployed, to achieve all of the required building access requirements. In addition, a range of options and adjustments available for our core range of BMUs further increases their flexibility and their ability to deliver comprehensive coverage and excellent functionality regardless of the building size and complexity.

CoxGomyl’s modular range of BMUs, for instance, have been developed to provide robust, cost-effective and versatile facade access solutions for a great number of structures. The compact, space-saving units can also be supplied with the additional capabilities of a ‘crane type’ machine to provide greater outreach where necessary. In addition, optional features such as jib luffing, detachable cradles and auxiliary hoists capable of handling heavier loads mean that economical, standard BMUs can easily be configured to meet the challenges of larger and more complex buildings.

More broadly speaking, Coxgomyl’s experienced designers routinely apply their expertise to intelligently utilising a combination of standard machine features and additional options to develop an access system tailored to the particular needs of each project, while also providing a cost-effective solution which can be delivered within a matter of weeks. Numerous configurations and options within the range of economical BMUs can be selected to address specific access challenges on a project by project basis, delivering all the practical functionality you need without expensive and superfluous features which are simply not required. These versatile facade access solutions run from compact, fixed length jib machines to machines with telescoping jibs and masts to provide greater outreach or navigate problematic architectural features. Cradles can be as compact as 1.5 metres in length or as long as 15 metres. Depending on the geography of the building, a full range of mounting options can be deployed from trackless machines to concrete runways, twin tracks and parapet-mounted tracks.

This represents just a brief summary of the options available within CoxGomyl’s highly adaptable range of versatile facade access solutions. By working with our design team, you can discover how a specific combination of cost-effective machines, parts and options can meet your requirements provide you with a reliable, high-quality access system.

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