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Collaboration is essential in the construction and facade access industries to facilitate efficient communication and coordination among the various stakeholders engaged in the design, construction, and maintenance of building facades. Partnering with building owners, architects, and contractors offers a range of benefits that help contribute to the successful execution of our facade access projects at CoxGomyl. In this article, we look at some of the key advantages of collaboration in the facade access industry.

Design optimisation
At CoxGomyl, we strongly emphasise the importance of optimising the design of our facade access solutions to ensure our systems effectively navigate intricate building structures and overcome any challenges.

The access requirements associated with facade design are frequently disregarded, as architects primarily focus on creating visually pleasing architectural structures. Through early collaboration with experienced facade access providers such as CoxGomyl, the access and installation needs of each building can be fully considered while integrating the facade access systems into the overall aesthetics and functionality of the building. For example, thought can be given as to how the access system will be delivered and installed onto the roof before the building is constructed. Whether this be via smaller components through the building’s elevators or a more involved helicopter lift.

Enhanced safety and efficiency
A comprehensive evaluation of safety measures and access strategies is conducted through collaborative efforts with all stakeholders during the initial project phase. This inclusive approach incorporates valuable insights from facade access specialists, building owners, architects, and contractors, ensuring compliance with safety standards and seamless integration of efficient access solutions. As a result, risks are proactively minimised, worker safety is enhanced, and project efficiency is improved.

In line with the commitment to safety and compliance, CoxGomyl offers inspection programs prioritising the safe operation of facade access equipment. Active collaboration with industry organisations promotes and upholds best practices for inspections and safe operation of facade access equipment.

Cost optimisation
Collaboration allows for better cost control and optimisation. Architects and building owners can gain valuable insights into cost-effective access solutions by engaging facade access specialists from the outset, whether consultants or the manufacturers themselves. This collaboration identifies opportunities to streamline the proposed design and solution to reduce any unnecessary complexity and over engineering by selecting from a range of fit for purpose yet modular products that provide flexibility. Not all building projects require customised access solutions.

System longevity
By involving leading facade access specialists like CoxGomyl from the outset, building owners will have the peace of mind that they will have a reliable, fit for purpose facade access solution for their building that will last.

Couple with preventive maintenance the partnership will ensure that unexpected failures are effectively reduced and downtime is minimised. This proactive approach to maintenance helps control costs and enhances the facade access system’s longevity, providing sustained performance over time.

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