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CoxGomyl’s most valuable asset is our people. As one of the world’s only true end-to-end designers and manufacturers of building access systems, we are able to rely on our skilled and dedicated team across the globe at every stage in the process, from initial concept to installation and ongoing maintenance.

Project Managers

From the start of our relationship, we will appoint a technical representative and project manager to guide you through the process and ensure your needs are met. They will consider elements such as your specifications, engineering calculations, building loads, machine positioning, track connections, and ancillary products in developing an estimate and tender for the optimal solution. Upon award of business, they will move quickly to finalise details and timelines regarding approval drawings, manufacture, testing, delivery and installation.


CoxGomyl employs the industry’s largest team of Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) design engineers who are experts in guiding you through the range of products, options and bespoke solutions to deliver safe, functional, cost-effective access solutions, both for more standard buildings and the most complex facade access challenges. Collaborating with architects, consultants, builders and developers, the design engineers can develop an integrated solution that delivers the desired access and cleaning cycles. CoxGomyl’s designers make careful considerations based on the parameters for each individual project.

For more complex solutions, CoxGomyl’s designers can use cutting edge 3D software to integrate concepts into your building interface model and visualise the outcome. In most cases, our design team can provide you or your stakeholders with similar examples of previously installed BMU systems and videos to help demonstrate how the solution would work in practical terms.

Manufacturing Staff

There are two CoxGomyl production facilities which provide specialist expert manufacturing skills. Our plants benefit from excellence of the supply chain, the highly skilled and committed manufacturing workforce, and access to great engineering universities within the region. Between the highly skilled staff at our Meco fabrication facility and at our Alovera plant, our manufacturing team maintain the utmost attention to detail in completing every part of each project: welding together components, forming telescoping parts for multi-stage jibs, treating and painting and assembling each customisable cradle and jib. Each machine is fully assembled and rigorously tested on-site to ensure quality control before shipping is organised. The high standards of care and expertise at CoxGomyl’s factories offer our customers total peace of mind around the quality, safety and compliance of our systems.


Our specialist team of installers are all trained in CoxGomyl methods and processes, as well as fully inducted in the specific site safety program. They regularly deliver progress reports, with all machines fully tested before handover. Our expert team are also able to share their knowledge and provide operator training. For highly complex projects, a global pool of CoxGomyl technical specialists are available to assist with challenging installations, to ensure stunning architectural masterpieces remain exactly that.

Maintenance Engineers

CoxGomyl’s relationship with our clients doesn’t end with installation. We also have a skilled team of engineers dedicated to service and maintenance of your BMU products. Their expertise and experience helps you to protect your investment as well as ensuring the highest possible performance and safety standards.

At CoxGomyl we are extremely proud of our building maintenance products, but it is the teams of people behind these machines who, for over 50 years, have provided our clients with practical, cutting-edge facade access solutions that meet their individual needs as well as excellence in project management and customer service. Our valued staff around the world are the foundation on which CoxGomyl’s success is built.

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