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The facade access industry digital transformation is being led by companies such as Manntech & CoxGomyl, and this positive trend will continue in the future. Digital transformation is adopting the latest technology to improve efficiency, productivity, customer experience and gain critical data insights.

CoxGomyl’s MyBMU Portal is a prime example of how digital transformation can be implemented. MyBMU is a platform designed to help owners,  facility managers and duty holders access real time, up-to-date information regarding the operation status and performance of their facade access equipment. Operational data is conveniently stored and displayed in an accessible format which can be reviewed and accessed at the convenience of their computer or integrated with their Faculty Management System.

In this article, we delve deeper into the advantages of digital transformation for the facade access industry.

Improved safety

Digital technologies such as sensors, automation and artificial intelligence can enhance safety by monitoring and assisting in the control or movement of facade access equipment, detecting potential hazards, and alerting operators in real time. With roof space becoming much more valuable and more congested than ever with mechanical and electrical equipment By automating manual processes, digital technologies can lower labour costs and help to avoid potential collisions with structure or other equipment that may be in range of the façade access equipment. They also increase productivity by making it easier for operators to complete their tasks efficiently.

Better data management

The digital transformation of the facade access industry is allowing companies to manage their data better. Digital platforms can collect and analyse data from facade access systems, providing valuable insights into usage patterns, maintenance needs and safety risks. This helps determine what resources must be allocated to specific areas to meet demand. The information can be used to improve decision-making and optimise system performance.

Enhanced collaboration

Digital technologies enable real-time communication and collaboration between operators, maintenance teams, and other stakeholders, improving coordination and reducing errors. This can be especially important for facade access projects. Facades are often hard to access and require a lot of coordination between multiple parties to install building maintenance systems. Thanks to digital technologies, communication between all parties involved in the installation process has become more efficient, leading to fewer errors and improved safety.

Digital tools can optimise the operation and maintenance of facade access systems, reducing downtime and maintenance costs while increasing the speed and accuracy of maintenance tasks.

Get in touch with the experienced team at CoxGomyl to learn more about our unique technologies to improve safety and visibility of key maintenance requirements.


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