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Dubai, and the Dubai Marina especially, are at the forefront of exciting and innovative architectural developments, and the unique design and aesthetic of the Silverene residential complex more than makes its mark on this stunning city skyline.

The twin towers allow residents on every floor to look out on breath-taking panoramic views of the bustling life around the offices, retail, transportation and entertainment in the stunning marina waterfront. An ingenious mirrored facade reflects the blue water surrounding the building and adds a captivating extra dimension to the vista. The two towers are linked by an elevated podium with sun deck and swimming pool. This is the very height of exclusive, waterfront living. Once again, it was CoxGomyl, with decades of experience providing BMUs for some of the world’s most challenging buildings, who were entrusted with delivering the facade access solutions that will keep Silverene Tower’s stunning facade and premium views at their best.

The solution was our F-Type ‘crane’ BMU for each tower, both with additional material hoist. This is one of our most flexible options to meet a wide range of building access challenges. The BMU travels on double steel rails at roof level and these highly adaptable machines offer a mast and jib design for superior outreach to buildings such as this. It also provides the key functionality of access to sloping surfaces.

With these systems in place the definitive architectural vision of the building itself and the panoramic views it provides can be enjoyed by residents for many years to come.

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