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Drawing on a wealth of expertise and over 60 years of experience, CoxGomyl has developed facade access solutions for iconic buildings around the world. Working on a number of prestigious projects, CoxGomyl is often associated with celebrated buildings. Most recently, seven buildings maintained by CoxGomyl’s facade access solutions were recognised as winners across several Best Tall Building categories in the coveted CTBUH awards.

53 West 53rd Street, New York
Winner of category: Best Tall Building 300-399 meters
The unique tapered form of 53 West 53rd Street has seamlessly integrated into the iconic New York cityscape, standing at 320-metres. CoxGomyl was challenged with engineering a building maintenance system within the prescribed parameters of a parking garage that was built into the structure of the building. Utilising advanced visualisation tools, two building maintenance units (BMUs) were designed, one located at level 76 to maintain the entire glass curtain wall of the structure and another at level 77 to service the peak of the tower.

Zhuhai Centre Tower, Guangdong
Winner of category: Best Tall Building 300-399 meters
The facade of Zhuhai Centre Tower is comprised of polyhedral surfaces designed to shimmer when caught by natural light. Understanding the importance of preserving the aesthetic integrity of the tower, CoxGomyl delivered a system of three building maintenance units integrated strategically into different levels of the building to carry out maintenance and glass replacement tasks.

CITIC Tower, Beijing
Winner of category: Best Tall Building 400 metres and above
Towering over Beijing at 528 metres, CITIC Tower has earned landmark status since its completion in 2018. A total of five CoxGomyl BMUs deliver comprehensive facade access from the roof-level whilst a further four at level 73 navigate the curved facade.

Lakhta Centre, Saint Petersburg
Winner of category: Best Tall Building 400 metres and above
Featuring the tallest tower in Europe, the pointed summit and tapered form of the Lakhta Centre presented a range of access challenges. CoxGomyl developed a multi-unit system consisting of four roof-based BMUs, two atrium-based units and a gantry-based BMU with glass-mounting functionality.

Tianjin Chow Tai Fook Financial Centre, Tianjin
Winner of category: Best Tall Building 400 metres and above
Standing at 530 metres and serving as a focal point for the city of Tianjin, the Tianjin Chow Tai Fook Financial Centre is maintained by a total of five CoxGomyl building maintenance units. One unit maintains the upper-levels from the roof whilst four additional units located at level 71 maintain the rest of the tower and retract into parking garages when not in use.

Hanking Centre, Guangdong
Winner of category: Best Tall Office Building
The mega-tall structure of the Hanking Centre features two towers connected by skybridges in a feat of structural engineering that made the height and width of the towers viable for construction. CoxGomyl engineered a facade access solution of four building maintenance units to create comprehensive facade coverage. Three of the units traverse curved tracks and feature two-stage jibs for additional outreach whilst the fourth is strategically located between the towers to provide access to the skybridges for maintenance.

Rainier Square, Seattle
Winner of category: Construction Award
At 259-metres, Rainier Square stands out as one of the tallest buildings in Seattle. The stakeholders initially considered a davit system to maintain the unique form of the tower, however, CoxGomyl designed a solution that required a single building maintenance unit with an unprecedented 5-stage jib to achieve a 48-metre outreach for 100% facade access.

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