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At CoxGomyl our number one core value is safety before profit. Our highest priority is always the safety of our customers, the users of our products and the general public. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously.

As one of the only true end-to-end building access solution providers, CoxGomyl are passionate about safety at every stage of the process. Our project managers are well experienced and will work with you through all the aspects of developing the right access solutions for you, including compliance with local health and safety requirements and making safety an integral part of the solution. Our expert team of designers and engineers can work with architects, consultants, builders and developers to help realise their vision and meet the unique access challenges each building presents, whilst ensuring that the safety of our systems and the people who rely on them, is the number one priority.

From more standard buildings to the most complex architectural landmarks and super-tall buildings, our large range of products and bespoke solutions all place safety at the heart of our work. The best option is always the safest option and we are constantly working to develop and engineer safe access solutions. For instance, manoeuvring through negative or reverse positions to access the underside of arches or overhangs can be safely completed in a number of ways. Upside mounted BMUs can be suspended from tracks under the soffits, or an articulated jib can be secured to the roof and travel underneath an arch. Soft rope solutions can allow the cradle to move horizontally across the face of the building and navigate deep recesses or voids whilst remaining securely restrained.

We also manage the manufacture of our units at our own modern European facility, so our commitment to rigour and the build quality of the machinery and units themselves also reaches into production. When it comes to installation, our specialist team of installers are all trained in CoxGomyl’s high standards of methods and processes, as well as fully inducted in the specific site safety program. All of our machines are fully tested before installation and operator training is provided, so you can be sure that your people are learning from the experts and know how to use the system to best ensure the safety of themselves and others when working at height.

Beyond that, we can provide a full range of maintenance services for the BMUs in all of our facade access solutions. With over 50 years’ experience in the industry, our detailed records of the machines we’ve designed, built and installed means we can repair or replace damaged or worn parts. Along with a range of options for comprehensive, regular impromptu servicing and preventative maintenance, this all goes to ensure that your equipment remains in optimum condition and provides the same high level of safety for years to come.

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