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CoxGomyl’s impressive portfolio of facade access solutions for projects within the United States features a host of iconic and culturally significant buildings. These case studies demonstrate CoxGomyl’s unparalleled experience and capability in producing high-quality facade access solutions.

One World Trade Centre

The One World Trade Centre is the most prominent building of the rebuilt World Trade Centre complex located in Manhattan, New York City. Completed in 2013, the 94-story structure, became one of the most recognizable buildings in the US, and the tallest building in both the United States and Western Hemisphere.

3 years on, in 2016, CoxGomyl was contracted to design and develop a new facade access solution for the tower, after extensive evaluation by all stakeholders, the new solution would consist  of four fixed in place Units positioned neatly in each of the corners of the rooftop, and would be fixed to the existing BMU Tracks significantly reducing the amount of remedial works required on the structure. Featuring a high level of functionality and manoeuvrability, the machines were also specially designed to ensure that each component weighed less than 2721kg for safe transportation via elevators and erected utilizing various rigging techniques at 1400ft above the streets of Mannhattan.

53 West 53

53W52, also known as the MoMA Expansion Tower, is a supertall skyscraper also located in Manhattan, New York. The building finished construction in 2019, with its design featuring a faceted facade that tapers into a crystalline peak. Located adjacent to the Museum of Modern Art, this building uniquely added 40,000 square feet of gallery space to the largest modern art collection in the world.

CoxGomyl delivered a pair of building maintenance units, parked on the utmost levels of 76 and 77. With limited space for the requirement for compact storage, the BMUs offer complete coverage of the building’s facade, including the unique tapered peak.

Rainier Square Tower

Located in Seattle, Washington, Rainier Square Tower is a brand-new mixed-use skyscraper. Hosting 200 luxury apartments, offices, retail spaces and a parking garage, the building features a tapering sloped design that sees the bottom of the building wider than the top.

Constructed from glass and aluminium protrusions, an innovative building maintenance unit was designed to deliver 100% coverage of the facade. Located on level 60, the system features a five-stage telescopic jib with a large outreach of 48 metres, with a unique ability to compact into a small profile space when not in use.

1271 Avenue of the Americas

The first of four towers that make up the iconic Rockefeller Centre, the 1271 Avenue of the Americas building is a 48-story office building located in New York City. While construction was complete in 1959, CoxGomyl recently carried out the replacement of the building maintenance units.

The new system features two BMUs, the first located on the eighth-floor terrace and the second on the roof. Precise planning was required for the installation of this system, with CoxGomyl coordinating the transportation and lifting of parts to the site. Ultimately, a compact design required the use of an 80-tonne street crane.

Indeed Tower

Indeed Tower is the largest office building in Austin, Texas. Recently completed, the tower features 638,000 square feet of office space alongside retail, dining, parking and greenspace precincts. A notable design feature of the building is the integration of the historic 1914 post office at the base.

The 35-storey building is serviced by a single CoxGomyl BMU, chosen by the design team for its superior ability to meet various demands alone. The twin-telescopic mast reaches 18 meters while in operation, with a 31.3-meter four-stage telescopic jib providing further reach to provide facade access to the entire building. The machine was installed via tower cranes in two separate pieces to meet the maximum weight capacity of the hoist.

CNA Centre

151 North, formerly known as the CNA Centre, is a 173m tower located in Chicago. The office building features a column-free, open-office design that has been praised for its modern, open-air feel. To complement this open design, every floor enjoys floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

The maintenance of the glass exterior is accessed by a CoxGomyl building maintenance unit. Similarly, to the Indeed Tower, CoxGomyl employed the use of a single machine to achieve coverage of the entire building, which was airlifted by helicopter in pieces to the roof for installation. The unit, which accommodates three operators, features a 180-degree slewing capacity and a reach of 33.7 meters.


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