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CoxGomyl’s remote monitoring capabilities assist to predict maintenance requirements for building maintenance units and facade access systems by providing crucial data insights on equipment usage.

Remote Monitoring provides a vast array of operational information, and data is collected and displayed in an easy-to-read format. Owners are provided with an accurate breakdown, including the number of hours in operation, to help understand how the equipment is being used.

The benefit of this data is significant to support the overall asset management by predicting necessary maintenance and repairs as they are required, which helps to minimise product downtime due to repairs, resulting in maximum product uptime. Remote monitoring systems can also provide an effective tool to manage work equipment and alert the building management team to unauthorised use.

CoxGomyl’s connectivity system called ‘My CoxGomyl’ supports the diagnosis of facade access equipment remotely, without the need for preventable site visits and downtime. Useful as a fault tracing tool, owners can remain in control of their facade access system from anywhere across the globe. The data can also help the supply-chain team track assets, take stock of inventory, and forecast and schedule predictive maintenance programs.

Below are some of the features of the basic remote monitoring system upgrade:

  • Supplied with a Schneider PLC system
  • Sends hourly interval data showing the status of the building maintenance unit
  • Monitors multiple functions depending on the BMU design, these can include but not limited to movements by the hoisting unit, materials hoist, Jib, Mast, jib head/crossbar traversing etc
  • Easy to read interface which displays days in operation and how long the motor was running

The requirements of the facade access system to upgrade with remote monitoring capabilities are minimal. The customer provides written acceptance that CoxGomyl can receive and process the data, and then performance data will be uploaded to the cloud via 4G reception or WIFI installed by the building owner.

For more information on how remote monitoring can drive a more efficient maintenance schedule and additional benefits, get in touch with CoxGomyl.

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