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CoxGomyl are among the most highly trusted brand names in the world as a leading supplier of high quality facade access solutions. With a long history spanning more than 60 years, CoxGomyl’s strong reputation is built on an extensive portfolio of successfully deployed BMU installations all over the world. This wealth of experience includes the introduction of innovative technology and specially developed BMU systems designed to overcome the access challenges involved in some of the tallest and most architecturally complex buildings across the globe.

We also understand the breadth and variety of requirements of all our valued clients across the industry. For many architects, developers and other stakeholders a revolutionary and pioneering facade maintenance system is simply not required to meet the needs of the project concerned, while cost-effectiveness, return on investment and delivery times are all critical considerations. What is also a vital consideration for any architect, developer or building owner, however, is the quality, reliability and above all the safety of the BMU systems they select, as well as the reputation, expertise and problem solving ability of the Building Maintenance provider they choose to work with.

Bearing all of this in mind, CoxGomyl are uniquely placed to offer an attractive combination of ready to configure BMU systems. Our long history of design, engineering and manufacturing innovation in the building access industry means CoxGomyl are able to translate a wide array of tried and tested technologies into affordable solutions. This approach delivers all the benefits of the pioneering bespoke facade access systems we have developed, combined with the most cost effective solution to your access needs. With the knowledge and experience of our expert team, a range of reliable products and options can be intelligently combined to meet your requirements easily and conveniently within prompt delivery times.

For a wide range of projects across a variety of building sizes and complexity, CoxGomyl will be able to propose a practical, reliable and efficient ready to configure BMU system based on all of the engineering excellence built over 60 years. This provides a guarantee of quality while also providing you with a budget friendly solution for access tasks from regular cleaning cycles, repair work and glass or facade panel replacement. The depth of the CoxGomyl product range also allows us to offer ready to configure BMU products which provide cost effective solutions to more specific access challenges. Where the roof space available does not allow for the BMU to travel around the perimeter, for instance, access to all facade elevations might also be achieved by fixed rigging systems and a common self-powered cradle which can be shared between them. This is just one example of how ready to configure options can leverage our existing approaches and products to deliver optimum functionality and coverage while also providing significant cost savings.

Contact us to discuss how our ready to configure solutions can allow you to benefit from the superior build quality and functionality of the CoxGomyl within a cost-effective package with impressive delivery times.

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