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As part of ensuring a legacy from the 2012 Olympic Games and delivering ongoing benefits which will help to build new local communities, this formerly derelict area of East London has been extensively redeveloped.

The plot was first used during the games as the location of the athletes’ village and was then designated as a space for much-needed new housing which will drive the regeneration of the area and transform it into a vibrant part of this famous world city. The second stage of regeneration has been realised in the form of No8 East Village, comprised of two rectangular towers reaching 31 storeys and 113 metres in height plus an additional eight storey podium. The development will provide 482 new homes.

EG Focus [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Utilising innovative construction techniques, including the UK’s first ‘rising factory’ which created a mobile construction site around the towers themselves capable of climbing upwards as each floor was completed, the building process could progress at an unprecedented pace. The project therefore required the expertise of BMU specialists to present a reliable and cost effective facade access solution which could be delivered on schedule and within budget.

As a leading facade access solution provider, CoxGomyl were able to deliver a comprehensive and practical facade access solution which met all the client’s requirements. Full coverage of the towers from the roof down to level one is fulfilled with two Building Maintenance Units which run on tracks fixed to a concrete slab. These provide building access solutions for buildings one and two, achieved with an outreach of 3.5 metres and jib luffing functionality for extra manoeuvrability. The project also called for the cradle to be capable of navigating over a 5.3 metre-high screen, which could be comfortably accommodated by CoxGomyl’s BMU specialists. The complete facade access solution is completed by a davit system designed to service all elevations of the podium section.

As a leading facade access solution provider, CoxGomyl were able to work closely with the developers to ensure smooth integration and make use of building interface modelling technology to develop the optimum strategy for full coverage across every elevation of the towers and podium.

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