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Present around the world with over 60 years of experience, CoxGomyl has the widest range of configurable building maintenance units (BMU’s) built on innovative, proven technologies which provide exceptional performance.

The CoxGomyl 1000 Series is intended for use on structures with a modest level of complexity, where the design of the building can be more adaptable to accept a standard access solution. CoxGomyl’s sales team choose from a variety of relatively conventional equipment when generating facade access solutions using the 1000 Series range, resulting in a simple and cost-effective solution.

As a core part of the 1000 Series range, CoxGomyl’s suspended self powered platforms are the ideal solution for safe and reliable facade access for up to three operators. Used in conjunction with CoxGomyl’s monorail system, gantries, and davits, the platforms have a one-of-a-kind self-powered frame with a custom-designed traction hoist.

CoxGomyl offers a range of facade access components designed for use alongside the suspended platform. The first option is a monorail system which is comprised of an aluminium track connected to the building’s or underhung in a recess with steel brackets, these monorails are well suited for external application or internal atriums, lobby’s or larger internal spaces requiring an access solution.

Similarly, lightweight and sturdy traversing trolleys can also be used in conjunction with suspended platforms, ensuring smooth passage over the monorail tracks. Options include manual, rope-driven, and motorised solutions ideal for straight, curved, and inclined monorail tracks. In addition, turntables can also be added to form 3 or 4 track intersections, offering the ability to change direction in a limited amount of space.

The davit system is one of the most cost-effective facade access systems available. This system can be utilised to support the self-powered cradle, which abseilers can use to position themselves in front of the facade or to lift materials during panel repair.

To demonstrate the CoxGomyl 1000 Series in application, The Reed building in Chicago utilises a building maintenance system consisting of Davits and a Modular Self-Powered Platform. The entire solution comprises of 68 davit pedestals, four davits located across levels 8 and 42, and a 1000 series Modular Self-Powered Platform used at both roof levels to achieve an outreach of 2.13 meters. As such, the benefits of this system include the discreetness of the davit system and the minimal requirement for the Modular Self-Powered Platform to achieve an efficient cleaning cycle.

Learn more about the 1000 Series range or contact our team of product experts for more information on the range of facade access solutions on offer.

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