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The primary consideration in terms of the requirements for a facade access solution is usually the routine cleaning of windows and facade surfaces. Any building, however, is likely to require more involved and intensive maintenance work during its lifetime, not least the replacement of glass panels, windows and facade sections. By working with a world-leading provider of facade access solutions like CoxGomyl, building owners, architects and developers can safeguard the exterior of the structure and plan ahead for these vital tasks with a complete building maintenance system which will deliver the functionality required for safe, convenient and cost-effective window and glass panel replacement from the outset.

One potential approach to facade access is an abseiling-based solution. This presents several drawbacks, particularly when it comes to more substantial maintenance work like the replacement of heavy (and often fragile) glass panels and windows. When a tall building does not have a building maintenance unit, it is only possible to take a reactive approach to essential repair work to remedy worn, damaged or broken windows and glass panels. An abseiling-based facade access strategy is typically based around operatives carrying tools or equipment with them in a bag, or on an additional line, subject to the weight limits the line can safely support. This is unlikely to provide a workable solution for window replacement and, depending on the particulars of the situation, can lead to significant costs in time, money and disruption. Where no permanent BMU with material hoist or window replacement functionality is in place, it may well be necessary to undertake individual risk assessments and develop methods for the specific work involved, hire specialist equipment such as scaffolding or cranes and potentially organise road closures for large temporary lifting apparatus.

Consulting with experienced experts in facade access solutions such as CoxGomyl can avoid these issues by effectively planning for all the tasks required in the upkeep of the building concerned, including solutions for replacing heavy and cumbersome windows and panels whenever necessary. Planning for the full range of tasks required of a facade maintenance system also allows for improved budgeting as the solution for heavy-duty tasks is already in place and does not represent an additional, unplanned expense. Numerous projects in CoxGomyl’s extensive portfolio of successful BMU installations include the addition of a material hoist which is suited for these purposes. Examples include 25 Churchill Place, also known as BP4 in London’s Canary Wharf and the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa with a material hoist capacity of 600kg ready to go when the need arises.

Get in touch to find out more about how the experienced team at CoxGomyl can help ensure a facade access solution meets all of the necessary requirements for a building from day to day maintenance to occasional repair and replacement work.

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