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CoxGomyl is a leading global provider of premium facade access solutions. Present around the world with over 60 years of experience CoxGomyl has the widest range of configurable building maintenance units (BMU’s) built on innovative, proven technologies which provide exceptional performance. CoxGomyl’s building maintenance units are designed to provide a long-term façade access solution and are often operational for decades. Selected for their efficiency and reliability, the performance of CoxGomyl’s building maintenance systems can be maintained and optimised over time through a range of service and support solutions available from Alimak Service.

As part of the Alimak Group of companies, Alimak Service provides world-leading product and service support to the owners and operators of CoxGomy’sl vertical access equipment across the globe. Alimak Service offers a comprehensive range of service, parts and training solutions to ensure the highest levels of product uptime and operator safety over the total lifecycle of the equipment.

Maintenance solutions
A range of maintenance solutions is available for owners and operators of CoxGomyl’s products to extend the operational life of equipment. Regular preventative maintenance allows for the preservation of the appearance and integrity of a building through greater BMU uptime. The range of maintenance solutions available for owners and operators of CoxGomyl’s BMUs is designed to preserve the condition of the equipment over the course of decades and covers refurbishments, upgrades repairs and spare parts. As a result, the maintenance of a building maintenance system can be budgeted for and coordinated in line with the management of the equipment.

Refurbishments and upgrade solutions
Refurbishment and upgrade solutions allow for the restoration of the performance of a building maintenance unit and the modernisation of its components and systems. Where the parts or components of a building maintenance unit are worn or outdated, an overhaul of the electrical, structural or hydraulic systems may be an appropriate alternative to replacing the BMU altogether. Refurbishments and upgrades provide a cost-effective way to optimize the performance of a building maintenance unit whilst upgrading the safety features and vital components for added value. Additional features can also be added to building maintenance units including glass handling and replacement capabilities, as well as increased cradle capacity.

Genuine Spare parts
Genuine CoxGomyl spare parts are available for owners and operators of CoxGomyl’s products to preserve the quality of all service solutions, enable more efficient performance and prolong operational life. CoxGomyl holds detailed records on all of the building maintenance units designed and manufactured throughout over sixty years in the industry. This information can be used to source the correct parts and components required for maintenance and refurbishment solutions.

Get in touch with the team at CoxGomyl to learn more about the comprehensive range of service and support solutions available to optimise the performance of building maintenance units.

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