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CoxGomyl always strives to be at the forefront of advances in new building access technology and is passionate about technological innovations which can help provide more efficient and practical solutions to clients’ building access needs.

An example of this technological innovation is a recent project at a famous building in Cupertino, California. The area is more well-known as part of the technology business hub ‘Silicon Valley’.  Many computer companies having been founded in Cupertino and its surrounds and it is the home of Apple Inc.’s global headquarters. In keeping with the ground-breaking advances the area is famous for, this building access project involves an impressive new machine which will use a range of advanced technologies to largely automate the movements of the cleaning cycle.

The machine will travel on rubber wheels and in some ways it is similar to the traditional ‘cherry picker’ or mobile aerial work platform. Where this machine breaks from tradition is in the use of advanced laser and mapping technology. This natural guided system is referred to by the acronym SLAM – Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping. The combination of lasers and mapping allow the machine to be automated and self-drive along the circular path of the building. It is able to use these technologies to position itself correctly relative to the elements in its environment, and determine how to steer itself to remain on the course of the cleaning cycle.

Innovations such as SLAM technology allow for greater precision, efficiency and reliability, ensuring planned cleaning cycles are completed thoroughly and as planned every time.

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