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CoxGomyl are proud to have been selected for yet another facade access system in Asia, this time for the Hengqin International Finance Center, a focal point in the CBD of the Pearl River Delta region.

The super tall skyscraper rises at an impressive 336.7 meters into the skyline, it’s tower dividing into four peaks that rise from the podium base. This architectural design symbolizes the convergence of the cities: Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai.

Designed by architects, Aedas, the project has recently been awarded the winning prize for architectural design by AAP Architecture Prize.

The tower’s summits twist to weave around one another and the roofline of each section is slanted towards the centre. This complex design presented unique access challenges and CoxGomyl provided a solutions which consisted of 4 building maintenance units (BMUs). The building maintenance systems will be installed on each of the four corners of the roof and concealed under the helipad.

The facade access solution provided included telescopic masts and jibs, as well as soft-rope systems which allow the cradle of the BMU to move horizontally whilst remaining securely restrained. The BMUs are equipped with a 450kg capacity glass handling unit, ideal for for glass panel repair and replacement.

Coxgomyl is proud to be further recognized as a leader in facade access solutions, entrusted with delivering facade access solutions for many of Asia’s most recognisable skyscrapers.

Image courtesy of © Aedas via SkyscraperCentre.com

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