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Facade access can be one of the most understated considerations faced by architects, contractors and building owners in the building design and construction process. Facade access can become challenging when building designs become more complex having to navigate unique architectural features.

We look at some of the facade access challenges associated with complex design and how CoxGomyl can assist in implementing solutions to address these issues.

Key challenges when devising facade access solutions:

Navigating complex designs: The access needs of complex and unique facade designs can often be an afterthought, with architects focusing foremost on achieving impressive designs.

It is always recommended that architects responsible for the unique buildings of the future, consult with leading facade access specialists like CoxGomyl so that solutions can be factored in as to how best to access the facade for ongoing maintenance for years to come.

Nearby properties and people: In densely populated urban areas, gaining access to the facade for repairs or maintenance may necessitate the use of heavy equipment.

It is recommended that building owners and facility managers consult experienced facade access providers to provide recommendations on suitable methods and solutions for facade access to ensure safety for operators and the general public walking beneath when maintenance tasks are carried out such as window cleaning or glass replacement.

When partnering with an experienced facade access solution provider such as CoxGomyl they will ensure to scope a project effectively, recommending a fit-for-purpose access solution to meet the unique facade requirements. This will also include installation requirements and consider site access, site preparation and traffic management.

CoxGomyl not only provides solutions to meet the challenges of complex architectural design in facade access but can minimise any unforeseen issues. The CoxGomyl engineering team utilises 3D design software which allows you to integrate concepts into your Building Information Model / Modelling (BIM) and visualise the final result. This process allows modelling of all surface area access as well as the early identification of any integration issues, preventing later rework, costly variations, and time.

In most cases, we can show you or your stakeholders’ similar examples of previously installed facade access systems to help demonstrate how the solution would work in practical terms.

At CoxGomyl, we have over 60 years of experience and a global portfolio of projects to call upon to provide customised and innovative solutions for any facade access challenge. Get in touch with our experienced team to discuss your next project.

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