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When CoxGomyl design, engineer, manufacture and install our building access systems, our aim is to always put in place solutions that will serve your needs for the life of the building.

However, technology is constantly moving forward and innovations in BMU systems, upgrades to the building itself or changes in use might require an older system to be modernised in order to ensure it provides the best possible performance to meet your current and future needs. Regulations are also being updated with time so it’s important to ensure your building’s equipment is still compliant with new Standards.

Depending on the specific building, the condition of the current machinery and the access issues that modernisation needs to solve, our designers and engineers can help lead you through a range of options to discover what solution will serve you best, from modernisation to total replacement if required.

It might be that years ago, the access solutions were among the best available (or the best available within budget) but they are no longer fit for purpose. Does your building still look like new from the outside? Or are you receiving complaints from tenants? By taking a look at your requirements and the most recent technology available, our team will be able to suggest a range of options that offer you greater functionality and efficiency, such as improved cleaning cycle times and better access to recesses or the underside of overhangs. Technological innovations can leave older systems outdated and mean cleaning cycles are not as efficient as they could be, or that your building does not look as pristine and well-maintained as those around it.

The building itself might be due to be upgraded or otherwise modernised, and new building access solutions are necessary to meet the changed requirements. Does the old facade access solution still work in harmony with the improved building? The building upgrade work itself might require the additional functionality of a material hoist. The ongoing upkeep of the new facade might be best achieved with modernised access solutions that provide, for instance, increased cradle capacity or better glass handling and replacement. Perhaps the building has changed in ownership or use. We can provide BMU modernisation to keep the building looking at its best and can also offer options to enable signage changeover.

CoxGomyl has over 50 years’ experience in the industry and continues to win contracts for some of the most modern, iconic and architecturally challenging buildings in the world. We know the world of building access solutions from the older systems to the newest innovations in facade access. It has become common place for us to be asked to replace inferior building maintenance units from other suppliers that are just not working as effectively as they should. That makes us best placed to provide the knowledge and expertise required to undertake tailored, practical and cost-effective modernisation. We can help keep aging buildings looking attractive for years to come and ensure they don’t fall into a state of disrepair before their time.

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