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It goes without saying that a facade access solution is only as effective and reliable as the quality that the manufacturing allows. CoxGomyl go beyond most suppliers by offering complete end to end building access solutions, including fabrication and assembly of all machines at our own modern, well-equipped production facilities in Meco and Alovera near Madrid, Spain.

The manufacturing facilities benefit from the excellence of the supply chain, highly skilled and committed manufacturing workforce, and access to great engineering universities within the region.

Once a final configuration is agreed with the client, CoxGomyl’s own engineering and manufacturing team step in. They develop the agreed concept into a set of detailed design drawings in both 2D and 3D. At this stage, tolerances are checked, calculations confirmed and stresses measured, which all feeds in to detailed plans for manufacturing. From there, we make a purchasing list of specialist materials and items with long lead times to ensure the manufacture of the BMU can proceed on time. This includes sourcing some of the highest quality products in the world such as motors from Germany, wire ropes from Switzerland and PLC controllers from Japan.

The highly skilled staff at our Meco fabrication facility receive the various pre-cut metal parts for each project and weld them together to form the initial sub-components of the BMUs, including jibs and machine frames. Multi-stage jibs are formed as a series of precise telescoping parts that will extend using tooth racks or hydraulics. The sub-components are then carefully loaded and transported to Alovera for the next stage in the manufacturing process.

The components are treated for protection from corrosion. Firstly they are dipped into a bath of molten zinc, providing a coating which protects against rust and corrosion. Painting usually takes place at our own facility, where the surface is prepared for the best possible adhesion and components are spray painted, with the architect being able to choose from hundreds of colours to complement the wider building design.

The cradles are fabricated from aluminium to minimise weight and are fully customisable to meet the challenges of the facade and the needs of the client. The jibs are then assembled at work stations specific to each individual project and its particular specifications. Drive units from leading European manufacturers are fitted to extending jibs, slew rings for rotation are fitted between the mast and the machine frame and, once all the sub-assembly has been completed, the whole unit is put together as a complete machine. First the machine base is secured in pace, the mast is connected and the jibs are fitted. Once the frame of the unit is securely constructed, the hoists, ropes and control electrics are added.

CoxGomyl devise a testing plan for each individual machine produced, and high levels of quality control are achieved by testing under operating conditions using very heavy loads. Often our customers visit the facility at this stage to sign off on a factory assessment test and see for themselves that the solution meets their requirements before shipping.

Once this rigorous testing process is complete, the machine is disassembled and carefully prepared for shipping. There is always a specific plan for loading the sub-assemblies into containers to ensure safe transport and maximise space. A packing list is completed and the machine is secured for shipping. From there, CoxGomyl machines travel from Madrid to projects in over 50 countries around the world.

The high standards of care and expertise at CoxGomyl’s factories offer our customers the benefits of working with a true end to end provider and total peace of mind around the quality, safety and compliance of our systems.

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