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The construction and maintenance of tall buildings present unique challenges, with safety and accessibility being paramount concerns. Facade access systems are essential for routine maintenance, cleaning, glass replacement and emergency repairs to facades. However, like any other machinery, they require lifecycle management to ensure they continue to operate efficiently and reliably throughout their lifespan. This article explores the lifecycle management of CoxGomyl’s facade access systems.

At CoxGomyl, we recognise the importance of maintaining facade access systems to ensure ongoing optimal operation. With a vast network of service centres worldwide, we offer a comprehensive asset management service that caters to the needs of every client for proactive management to maximise the potential of every asset.

Our tailored asset management solutions start with understanding each client’s unique requirements through a detailed consultation. Our expert team then creates a customised proposal backed by a clear Service Level Agreement (SLA) that aligns service expectations, response times, and quality standards. CoxGomyl’s approach emphasises preventative maintenance, with regular inspections and operator training to prevent issues from becoming critical. We also offer scheduled part replacements to avoid unexpected downtime. Our response teams are equipped to assist in emergencies, and technical expertise is available to troubleshoot problems.

One of the most significant facade access system asset management advancements is the MyBMU remote monitoring platform developed by Alimak Group which is integral to CoxGomyl’s product range.

MyBMU provides key insights into equipment performance, eliminating the guesswork of predicting maintenance requirements for BMUs. Information such as equipment usage, including starts and operational hours, offers precise insights into its utilisation. The portal grants easy access to all essential machine information, including technical documents, certificates, and safety bulletins. It also offers operational guides, online training, real-time status updates, service details, remote support, usage statistics, and a simple reporting system for facade damage assessment.

Powered by state-of-the-art PLC systems and certified to ISO 27001 standards, MyBMU removes the need for on-site visits, allowing for remote fault tracing and giving owners control from anywhere in the world. Plus, it helps streamline asset tracking, inventory management, and predictive maintenance scheduling for the supply chain team.

CoxGomyl’s asset management service is the key to maximising the efficiency and reliability of facade access systems. We ensure that assets remain of high quality throughout their lifecycle by providing comprehensive support and a clear, fixed-cost structure.

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